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Company Profile

Nubiozen is a Seattle-based company that offers a wide range of healthy pet supplies and pet-related products through its online stores, and With over 100 product partners and distributors nationwide, Nubiozen provides pet owners with access to premium and high-quality pet products. Our founders bring over 30 years of expertise and are pet owners themselves, so they understand the needs of pet owners. On and, customers can find more than 200 competitively-priced top-quality products, including a broad range of premium, super-premium, holistic, and award-winning proprietary brands under the popular brand "HuggyTuggy". Trust and loyalty from pet owners have been earned by Nubiozen's commitment to offering the best for their furry friends. For even more exclusive offerings and personalized shopping experiences, customers can also visit, the official website for the premium "HuggyTuggy" brand

Image by Krista Mangulsone

Nubiozen Inc was founded in 2021 with the goal to be a reliable partner in international trading. With over 20+ combined years of expertise, Nubiozen Inc has earned the trust and loyalty of pet owners by offering premium brand pet-related supplies and healthy pet products. Our founders are real pet owners and understand the needs of their loved ones.

Mission: Our mission is to be a preferred partner in the pet industry, delivering exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders by providing high-quality pet products, outstanding customer service, and innovative solutions.

Products: Nubiozen Inc offers a diverse portfolio of pet-related products, including food and beverage items, pet treats, and other essential supplies. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exclusive and high-quality products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Services: Our services include sourcing, importing, and distributing pet-related products from the US to South Korea and vice versa. We also offer custom solutions and support for our customers, including product development, logistics, and marketing. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and seamless experience for our customers and partners.

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